Miner Recognition

 40 Year Safe Miner Recognition

Nominate your 40 year safe miners! These are employees who have worked 40 years or longer in the Southeastern mining community without injury. This means they have not had any MSHA reportable incident. Here’s your chance to recognize safe miners…and our chance to present them an award during our 8th Annual Southeast Mine Safety and Health Conference.

The award presentation event will be held during the Opening Session on November 5, 2013 when mining professionals from across America will be present. The Conference Executive committee will review all of the nominations and honor the top 15 recipients from our mining community.

Each of these miners will be offered free attendance at the conference. Photos of each miner receiving the award will be provided.

Do not delay!  Safe job performance should not go unrecognized.  The best safety records always affect your bottom line and recognition of these miners will further your safety cause.

Please note that this honor can only be received once per deserving miner.

Your application should include the following:

1. Miner Name & Brief Description of Job

2. Mine Name/Location/Contact Information

3. Years/time worked

4. Ideas from this miner as to what led to his/her safety success. 


Hero Award






 Nominations must be received before October 1, 2014. Email nominations to executivecommittee@southeastmineconf.org


Please Note:


Due to the limited funding our organization has available we can sponsor only conference registration for 40 Year Safe Miner and/or Hero Award Recipients but can’t cover travel expenses. With our limited resources our group’s guiding principles can only allow the 40 Year Safe Miner and/or Hero Award to be presented to deserving persons that can also attend the conference and are willing to take part in the award ceremony portion of the conference kickoff event.  




The 2014 awards go to:

40 Year Safe Miner


Miner First Name Miner Last Name Years of Service Company Mine


Hero Award



Miner First Name Miner Last Name Company



The Hero Award is offered by our Southeast Mine Safety & Health Executive Committee to honor and recognize miners in the Southeast District who through their outstanding and extraordinary response led them to provide life-saving aid to an individual or group within a mine site or community.  These distinguished recipients have demonstrated their training skills by quickly rendering aid where if not a life could have been lost.    Nominations may come from mine operators and/or their representatives and are open to any southeastern miner. Nominations can be for an individual or group response.
Recipients of the Hero Award will receive an announcement in the Southeastern Mine Safety and Health Conference Program, posted on the conference website and they will be recognized for their life saving response during the Southeastern Mine Safety & Health opening ceremony,  at which time they will be presented an engraved award. 


Past Winners

2013 40 Year Safe Miner


Miner First Name Miner Last Name Years of Service Company Mine
 Greg  Frazier  40 Thiele Kaolin Company Sandersville
Stanley Collins 40 National Cement Company Ragland, AL
Terry Eady 45 BASF Gordon Plant
Gloria Francis 40 Mosaic Wingate Creek Mine
Charlie Hill 45 BASF Edgar Plant
Curtis Huett 51 Florida Crushed Stone Central Power & Lime
Jerome King 40 KaMin Performance Minerals Sandersville
Billy Moore 48 BASF Gordon Plant
Sidney Phillps 41 National Cement Company Ragland, AL
James Walker 40 Mosaic South Fort Meade 
Mike Whidden 43 Mosaic Hookers Prairie
Carver Young 41 Mosaic Four Corners


2013 Hero Award



Miner First Name Miner Last Name Company
Tim Lutz The Walker Company