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40 Year Safe Miner Recognition

Nominate your 40 year safe miners! These are employees who have worked 40 years or longer in the Southeastern mining community without injury. This means they have not had any MSHA reportable incident. Here's your chance to recognize safe miners...and our chance to present them an award during our Annual Southeast Mine Safety and Health Conference.

The award presentation event will be held during the Opening Session on November 2, 2016 when mining professionals from across America will be present. The Conference Executive committee will review all of the nominations and honor the top 15 recipients from our mining community.

Each of these miners will be offered free attendance at the conference. Photos of each miner receiving the award will be provided.

Do not delay! Safe job performance should not go unrecognized. The best safety records always affect your bottom line and recognition of these miners will further your safety cause.

Please note that this honor can only be received once per deserving miner.

Your application should include the following:

Miner Name & Brief Description of Job

Mine Name/Location/Contact Information

Years/time worked

Ideas from this miner as to what led to his/her safety success.

Nominations must be received before September 19, 2016. Email nominations to executivecommittee@southeastmineconf.org

Please Note:

Due to the limited funding our organization has available we can sponsor only conference registration for 40 Year Safe Miner and/or HeroAward Recipients but can't cover travel expenses. With our limited resources our group's guiding principles can only allow the 40 Year Safe Miner and/or HeroAward to be presented to deserving persons that can also attend the conference and are willing to take part in the award ceremony portion of the conference kickoff event.

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