The Southeast Mine Safety and Health Conference Executive Committee is a not for profit group formed to plan, market, manage, continuously improve and perpetuate the annual Southeast Mine Safety and Health Conference. This group is made up solely of volunteers from the Southeastern United States mine safety and health profession in Coal and Metal/Nonmetal. The Executive Committee is made up of persons from industry and government agencies that have a steadfast passion for mine safety and health. If you are a mine safety and health professional and are willing to volunteer, your help in keeping the Southeast Mine Safety and Health Conference great would be greatly appreciated.



The Southeast Mine Safety and Health Conference will partner with our peers to offer the best mining safety and health conference in order to strengthen safety and health core values.



We will apply our intellect, passion, and cooperation in mine safety and health issues to meet and develop an annual program that projects our mining community forward to zero injuries and illnesses and provides opportunities to network with industry and regulatory representatives.



Taking Ownership of Safety and Health